Beginner Bridge Classes Begin in January
February 6-8, 2015
Jacksonville Sectional

The Best Games & Directors Around!
Monday 10:30 am  (Alta Tanner, 904-758-2060)
                  Partnership Chair: Jackie Boesger - 904-246-2005
Tuesday 10:30 am  (Linda's Bridge Game, 904-708-4105)
                  Lesson at 9:45
                  Partnership Chair: Jeanne Harlan - 904-363-6239
Tuesday 6:30 p.m. (Friendly Seniors - Lisa’s Game, 904-434-5190)
                  Partnership Chair: Peggy Higginbotham,
                  904-527-3944, Partner Guaranteed
Wednesday 10:30 am  (Anne Landry, 904-220-4810)
                  Partnership Chair: Shirley Garvey 904-221-7550
Thursday 10:30 am (Lisa Carter , 904-434-5190)
                  Partnership Chair: Michele Raeuber 904-731-3844
Thursday   6:30 pm  (Anne Landry, 904-220-4810)
                  ‘Tacos & Teams” Swiss - Swiss, once/month,
                  schedule varies; please call; next game Feb 12
Friday 12:00 pm  (Anne Landry, 904-220-4810)
Saturday 12:00 pm  (January 31 only)
                  International Fund Game (Anne Landry, 904-220-4810)
Reasonably priced lunch available Tuesday thru Thursday for purchase.

  images/pip_club.gif Standing weekly and monthly games  
images/pip_diamond.gif Machine pre-duplicated boards, hand records and remote scoring
images/pip_heart.gif Charity games, STAC games and world-wide events
images/pip_spade.gif ACBL sanctioned tournaments
images/pip_club.gif Lectures on advanced, intermediate and beginner topics
images/pip_diamond.gif Partnerships arranged

"You should play bridge for fun. The instant you find yourself playing the game for any other reason, you should pack it up and go on to something else." Charles H. Goren 1901 - 1991
 Jacksonville School of Bridge 3353 Washburn Rd. Jacksonville, FL 33250 Phone: 904-223-3837 E-mail: